131 Lucy Ln Lewisville, NC 27023 US

75 years of commitment to our community.

75 years of commitment to our community.

75 years of commitment to our community.75 years of commitment to our community.75 years of commitment to our community.

Our Contributions to the Community

Shallowford Square


We paid $50,000 towards the building of Shallowford Square. A focal point in Lewisville North Carolina for outdoor community events.

G. Galloway Reynolds Community Center


The club donated $20,000 towards the building of the community center. In 1993 the Lewisville Civic Club donated the community center to the town of Lewisville.

Lewisville Library


Donated $20,000 to the new Lewisville Library in the form of artwork, books and media.

Blue Star Memorial


We also sponsored the Blue Star Memorial honoring veterans at the Shallowford Square Veteran's Memorial.

Volunteer Fire Department


Formation of the volunteer fire department and raised money to buy fire equipment in 1951. In 1998, after continued financial support, we also purchased a fire prevention training trailer.

Fourth of July Celebration


Sponsored the Fourth of July fireworks display for years, until 2003. The crowd size had grown so large we turned the event over to the Town of Lewisville were the spectacular display continues to grow.

Annual Scholarships


Each year the Lewisville Civic Club awards three $1,500 scholarships to three local students. Beyond academic proficiency, applicants must demonstrate how they have helped the community of Lewisville through volunteerism.  

Christmas Parade


The Lewisville Civic Club has sponsored the Christmas Parade for over 35 years. The parade is anticipated by people from Lewisville and many other communities. The parade is known to be one of the largest in the area. Be sure to come see it.

Incorporation of the Town Of Lewisville North Carolina


In 1991, the Lewisville Civic Club organized the effort to incorporate the wonderful town of Lewisville.