75 years of commitment to our community.


About Us

Our Beginnings

            The Lewisville Civic Club was organized in 1945 by a group of concerned citizens to improve life within the community.

Our Goal


The Lewisville Civic Club non profit charity that strives to improve many aspects of our community. Our purpose is to make these improvements  not only on a grand scale, but with the individual residents as well. Members of the Lewisville Civic Club know that a strong community starts with helping each other.

Our Home


The Town of Lewisville North Carolina is our home. We want our home to be welcoming to family, friends and visitors. With your help, we can make it happen.

Membership Application

If you would like to visit, join us every 3rd Thursday  at 6:30 at the G. Galloway Community Center in Lewisville North Carolina.

2020 Board Members

President Brian Shumack


Vice President Larry Morris


Secretary Joyce Walker

Assistant Secretary Tracy Shumack

Treasurer John Beler

Assistant Treasurer Don Morris

Member at Large Maureen Barton

Member at Large Bo Houff


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