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75 years of commitment to our community.

75 years of commitment to our community.

75 years of commitment to our community.75 years of commitment to our community.75 years of commitment to our community.

2019 Candidate Forum

The Lewisville Civic Club is proud to hold the 2019 Lewisville Candidate Forum. Join us on October 14, 2019 at the Lewisville library from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. for a question and answer session with the candidates. You may submit questions before hand to lewisvillecivicclub@gmail.com or provide questions in person. We will also live stream the event on our Facebook page at  https://www.facebook.com/lewisville.civicclub.52?__tn__=%2CdCH-R-R&eid=ARDScVW8M4iRmVu_N47jCdk-QJvMZz_NYT9zwttNOUyD3MUCRQOcgluetbocxR1vf-Yc200hLEM-9Gu1&hc_ref=ARSGAYDV1LgL6qMXdG9IecYqW0WO448rBkL58XFHs-ZXOifQnejonh-MSNsceuEaX5c&fref=nf 

2019 Lewisville Town Council Candidates

Jane Welch



I’m Jane Welch, and I’m seeking the opportunity to once again serve our Town of Lewisville as a member of the Town Council. I have a passion and commitment to continue being a part of a community I’m so proud of. Thank-you for considering me when voting on November the 5th.

David Smitherman


Resident for 14 years and proud of my Smitherman heritage of community business support that started in 1952- with Smitherman Oil, 1984- (Whites H&A) Smitherman Hardware, 1987- Smitherman Lawn & Garden (JRE). Active with Parks & Rec board since 2014 and chair for past two years. My motto – you can only lead by serving others

Brian Shumack



I am a husband, father and former Marine. My Family and I chose to live in Lewisville because of its small town feel and sense of community.  I have been a board member of the Lewisville Civic Club for 4 years and currently serve as its president. 

I want to see Lewisville continue to grow and retain its small town feel as well as strengthening our community. I am asking for your vote on Tuesday November 5th to do just that.

Melissa Hunt


 Melissa Hunt is a local business owner, mother of 3 and Lewisville resident.  Because she loves the community and wants to see it thrive 10, 20, and 50 years from now, she is running for Town Council to help preserve the small-town charm through smart, controlled growth while being fiscally responsible with the town's tax dollars.   

Ken Sadler


I’m Ken Sadler and I’m running for re-election to the Lewisvile Town Council. I have lived here since 1978. I was part of the group that promoted and successfully achieved the Incorporation of the Town in 1991. Since that time I have worked to insure that Lewisville remains the type of community envisioned at that time. I was a member of the Charter Council and have served on Council for a number of years. I helped spearhead the efforts that lead to the creation and development of the Town Square, the Library, Town Hall and Jack Warren Park. I was also part of the effort to bring to realization the Great Wagon Road which will be built in the not to distant future.

My desire is to make sure the wishes of the majority of the citizens are honored. I will work to make sure the comprehensive plan is implemented where practical. I’m a retired army colonel and as a veteran have defended the ideals of the nation by working in a support role. I am a dentist by profession.

My wife Brenda (who is a physician) and I have reared two sons , Jackson (a dentist) and Raleigh a graduating senior at UNCC.

I have served in many civic roles in the county and state.

Michael Sullivan



I am running for Town Council in order to continue serving the Lewisville community that my wife, 2 children, and I chose to join 7 years ago. Currently, I am a member Lewisville's Planning Board, actively engaged with projects that will be shaping the town for years to come; such as, assessing new subdivision plans, planning for green-ways and green-spaces, and maintaining our rural character while preparing for construction of a new school and community center in town. This participation has prepared me for elected position by allowing me to become familiar with the processes of local government as well as the issues Lewisville is facing.   

Derek Roach


 Derek Roach is a 29 year old who has lived in and loved the small town life since birth. Derek grew up in Archdale, NC and moved to Lewisville upon marrying his wife Emily, 6 years ago. His servant heart has led him to follow in his grandpa’s footsteps and join the family business in sales, he has helped lead the youth group at his church for eight years, lead three mission teams overseas in Guatemala, and now hopes to serve you as your councilman. Derek is proud to call Lewisville home, and hopes to be a voice that ensures it remains a place of tradition, community, and charm for his own children one day, and generations to come. 

Fred Franklin


Hello, I’m Fred Franklin.  I would like to continue to serve the citizens of Lewisville for another two year term as one of your six Council members.  It has been a pleasure to have served a number of years since 1995.  

I am a life-long resident of Lewisville, attended Vienna Elementary, and was a 1975 grad of West Forsyth.  I am a proud Oklahoma State University Cowboy with a BS in Fire and Safety Engineering Technology.  I Retired from R.J. Reynolds Tobacco (36 yrs.), and am currently employed with AECOM as site Safety Representative.

I believe that I can help with the continuity of the direction that the Town and past Councils have worked hard to plan for as we go forward over the next 2 years.  Thank you, and I would ask for your continued support.

Jeanne Marie Foster


Hi Neighbors.  I’m Jeanne Marie and I am asking to represent you as a member of the Lewisville Town Council. I was born and raised in NC and have lived in Lewisville for the past 20 years.  I’ve always been passionate about service.  I first volunteered with the town 15 years ago, writing the initial chapter on Health and Wellness for the Comprehensive Plan, and updating two more Plans in 2010 and 2015.  Town Council appointed me to the Planning Board in 2012 and my peers elected me Chair in 2015.  During my service, I have been incredibly fortunate to meet and work with many other committed volunteers, town staff, and residents.  I have seen a lot of growth, good work and continued commitment to town ideals.  Going forward, I see opportunities to provide even better service to you through enhanced communication between boards and committees, resident education, engagement and input.  I want to serve on Town Council to continue this passion and help guide Lewisville toward the future while keeping an eye on our roots as a small community that cares.


As a health care administrator, I advocated for patients and trained physicians to use empathy and motivational interviewing to improve patient health and outcomes across the country.  I will continue to use these same skills to listen, motivate, and advocate for my neighbors and community.


I am married to Ed Hunsinger and we enjoy life, learning, family, friends and travel.  


And I ask for your vote.


Candidates for Mayor


Mike Horn - I have served on the town council for 19 years and as mayor for 6 of those years. During this time, I believe we have made significant investments in our town (Shallowford Square, Town Hall, Jack Warren Park, roadway improvements, sidewalks, recreational and entertainment events) without an increase in property taxes.

I would like to continue to serve as your mayor because we are entering a most exciting time for our town. A new community center, Lewisville Gateway project, new Lewisville Middle School and the various road and sidewalk project that go along with the school, road widening Lewisville Clemmons Road, the GWR and a host of other projects that will be undertaken by our town’s boards, committees and staff.

I believe that I can provide strong, experienced and visionary leadership during this time to the benefit of all our residents. I would appreciate your continued support.